Solo Exhibition "SILENCE OF NATURE" by Nyoman Sujana Kenyem

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Reading, Hearing, Feeling ‘Silence of Nature’ Nyoman Sujana Kenyem

By: Pande Putu Setiawan

Much has changed? But there are still many faithful in Sayan. Ayung river still flows towards the sea, the silent rocks still imprisoned wisely since ancient farmers just breather after a long day of working on paddy-rice terraces up there. From a distance a strand ballad burst from a loudspeaker in the Bongkasa village across. Implies the seventh full moon had just disappeared in Banjar Kutuh, Sayan, Ubud.

The flow of the river, rocks, pieces of leaves, nature and clattering rural Balinese life has long been the soul of every Kenyem’s works (which according to Kenyem will never die by age). At least that’s what he implied it back into his newest works for exhibition ‘Silence of Nature’. Why Kenyem so faithful?

A moment he tried to explain “I am the water flow of Ayung river. Matter in motion, flowing from the upstream of the mountain, against the maighty hard rocks , flowing again, hit another rock, and so on until fused with the sea. Writing stories. Isn’t our life that flowing river? “On the basis meaning he poured every notch color in the story this time.

Even rocks scattered in almost all recent Kenyem’s work and cheerfully the human figure standing on it. Implicit attitude determination, a foundation to his face life itself. In the work of ‘mandala’ he painted mandala flower a microcosm of the universe, a perspective he is in the circle of life itself. A gate/door in another painting invites us to entered as substances that are ready to flow. While in other works colorful triangle popping reaffirm a cycle of birth life, life, death is a colorful story that we choose, we notch with our own hands. In other works he inserts his self while walking, shaded, rhythmic, like riding a bicycle while looking at flowers in the garden, celebrating nature, sense of life by greater than just breathing and eating. The life which celebrated in gratefully culture. That’s how Kenyem receive and interpret his life. A moment to receive that humans are achieve the next step in life. Derived from the ocean back to the ocean. Empty-contains, contains-empty.

Not feel the night was run out. It’s time to breather-perhaps that farmers had been in his own dream? Let unwind. While sipping Balinese coffee the lyrics of ‘Hujan di mimpi’ song-Bandaneira hum from computer desk in Kenyem’s studio. Universe speech/silence…….a moment leaning on the shoulder of the universe.

For the audience whose at this moment finally had the opportunity to read, hear and feel the work of Kenyem, congratulations appreciated. Celebrate the silence of Sayan in each canvas. What does he saying? For we brought home from Art Patio-Lovina, Bali.

Silent is beautiful. Believe!

* The writer is a friend of Kenyem, a nature wanderer and a winner of Kick Andy Heroes 2014

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